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Nigeria is independent from Cameroon

By: | Tags: | Comments: 1 | October 28th, 2017

The German-Austrian Pallottine Province of the Sacred Heart took the decision to take Nigeria in the Delegation of South Africa.

Nigeria is so separated from Cameroon and can develop better on its own. We give thanks to GOD and to all the delegates who opted for the separation.

It is a challenge for the Confreres in Nigeria to build up structures and communities to see the grows of the Pallottines.

The Provincial Rev. Fr. Helmut Scharler SAC will come to visit Nigeria and talk with the Confreres one by one and in Community to see the next steps to take.

Welcome and God bless Nigeria.

Saint Vincent Pallotti pray for us.
Mary , Queen of the Apostles pray for us.


One thought on “Nigeria is independent from Cameroon

  1. Orah Johnbosco Somadina

    We thank God. It was not easy from the start.. But finally our dreams is here knocking at our door .is a thing to gloryfy the lord who is the only being that made it possible… Wish the community success God’s love, peace and fast growth. I also pray that God who started this work will bring it to completion. Enjoy for the lord is always faithful.