Updates from the Pallottines Fathers and Brothers ( Society of the Catholic Apostolate )

17Oct, 2017

Our community in Owerri, Imo State

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We have all together, 15 Nigerian priests, one deacon, 23 students in Philosophy and Theology and many aspirants. We are grateful for all the graces and blessings from above. The Lord is good, All the time. We thank our families, friends and well-wishers for their prayers and financial support. The responsibility is growing and we need more local benefactors to help us for the formation of our students.

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26Jun, 2015

May God bless all our benefactors

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The former chairman of the national election commission Prof Dr. M Iwu built us the Grotto of Divine Mercy. He invested 15000 Euro in the project. It will serve as a shrine , a place of public worship and a place for confession in our spiritual center. We are grateful. May God bless all our benefactors. Fr Peter Hillen SAC

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18Oct, 2014

New Community in Owerri

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On the 6th of October 2014 the Pallottines opened a new Community in Owerri. Nine students from Nigeria and two from Cameroon began a new venture under the leadership of the newly appointed Rector Rev. Fr. Geoffrey Onukwuli SAC together with the deacon Daniel Mebara from Cameroon as Bursar. Last year the students were living inside the “Seat of Wisdom Seminary”, now they will come from outside to attend the lectures and other activities.

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10May, 2014

Dear Confreres, Dear Benefactors,

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The Lord is good All the time, All the time the Lord is good. We give thanks to God, He made it possible. It was not easy at all. The roofing of the Holy Trinity Retreat House/Mbaukwu is now completed and on that same night a little rain of blessing was showered on it. Thanks to all our benefactors.Thanks for your prayers and for your contributions. We hope that we can continue step by step to have very soon accommodation for our students in apostolic work when they come from […]

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20Feb, 2014

Dear Friends, Greetings from Mbaukwu

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Our compound is a building site. The Governor is building us a road to connect us better to the world. This will be very important for the retreat-/guest-house that is not yet finished. After the finishing of the Grotto of Divine Mercy it may attract many people in Anambra. One photo below shows the house that is build for a poor family that had not a proper dwelling place. We give thanks to God. All the best. God bless all of you.

10Sep, 2013

Society of the Catholic Apostolate Pallottine Brothers and Fathers

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Society of the Catholic Apostolate Pallottine Brothers and Fathers Postulancy                                                                                                               E- mail:                                             […]

26Nov, 2012

Pallotti Table Water

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The water is excellent. Why not bringing it to other people? Yes, the water of Pallotti House Mbaukwu was tested and found good. The name was approved and soon the selling of sachet water can begin. “Pallotti Table Water”. This is an initiative to be more and more self reliant and to help the community to pay the formation fees of the seminarians. The community receives every year less support from oversees, so it is necessary to find means to form the students. We need as well local benefactors to […]