Updates from the Pallottines Fathers and Brothers ( Society of the Catholic Apostolate )

17Oct, 2017

Our community in Owerri, Imo State

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We have all together, 15 Nigerian priests, one deacon, 23 students in Philosophy and Theology and many aspirants. We are grateful for all the graces and blessings from above. The Lord is good, All the time. We thank our families, friends and well-wishers for their prayers and financial support. The responsibility is growing and we need more local benefactors to help us for the formation of our students.

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12Sep, 2017

Occasion of the New Yam Festival

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On the occasion of the New Yam Festival Igwe P. Anugwu Mbaukwu honored me with a Chieftaincy Title for all the good works we are doing in Mbaukwu. I am called Ichie Odozie Obodo, means reformer, builder, renewal of the town, the people, the nation. we made AS WELL THE FIRST PRIZE for the biggest new yam in our village. To God be the glory,

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30Aug, 2017

10 years of Pallottine Missionaries in Nigeria.

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A GREAT THANKS YOU A special success story in word and pictures. A great THANK YOU to all our benefactors and benefactresses who through prayer and donations supported us. The Lord will reward you. The first contact of the Pallottines to Nigeria came through  Rev. Fr. Martin Ezeokoli (now Monseignor ) a priest of the diocese of AWKA in Anambra. When he studied in Rome he met with Rev. Sister Clementia Burkhard SAC, who as the Secretary of Mission of the Pallottine Sisters supported a number of Africain Priest-Students from at this time. When […]

15Nov, 2016

Pallottine New Yam Festival

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The Pallottine Society at Mbaukwu, Nigeria, experiences another great event as they celebrate the Traditional New Yam Festival with the presence of friend and well-wisher. Monsignor Fr. Martin Ezeokoli was among those who made the event a success.

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15Nov, 2016

Pallotti Cup 2016

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The traditional Pallotti Football Cup was again played in August-September 2016. Several teams from the different villages from Mbaukwu and the Pallotti Football Club were engaged in this competition. The Rector of the Pallottine Community in Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Peter Hillen SAC donated the Cup in order to gather the youth in a peaceful and creative manner.

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30Jun, 2016

Happy Birthday Fr. Hillen Peter

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Hip hip hip!!! Hurray A great day for a Great Man, it was so amazing and gratifying as Fr. Hillen Peter celebrated his 64 years old birthday yesterday being the 29th of June 2016, we give thanks to God for making it a success. With a heart filled with joy and gratitude  Fr. Hillen Peter  welcomed both friends and well wishers, who came to celebrate with him, the event kicked off with the opening prayers led by Rev. Tony after which the guests where all formally welcome by Fr. Jeffrey. […]

21Mar, 2016

Dear Friends

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Dear Friends, Rejoice with us. We welcomed yesterday, 19th of March, Feast of St. Joseph, six new pre-postulants. May God bless all our efforts and bless our benefactors and benefactresses. Blessed Holy Week to all of you. Fr. Peter Hillen SAC, Rector of Pallottine Community / Mbaukwu- Anambra.

21Jan, 2016

Happy Feast Day

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Dear Friends. rejoice with us on the Feast day of our Holy Founder Saint Vincent Pallotti on this day 22nd of January. Pallotti (1795 – 1850) died on the 22nd of January 1850 and was beatified on he 22nd of January 1950. He was canonized on the 20th of January 1963 by Saint Pope Jean XXIII. He called lay people to Apostolate. Pallotti is the patron saint of the missionary clergy. May he intercede for us. Pray with us and support our mission! Thanks. Fr Peter. Rector in Nigeria.